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Our professionally trained members of staff in the Vitality Centre offer you a truly healthy experience. Your body and soul have come to the right place!

Well looked after, everything you require for your well-being awaits you here: from classical massages to natural fango, from gymnastics and physiotherapy to beauty-treatments. But come and see for yourself and experience for yourself in "Wittelsbach" that health means well-being and well-being conveys rest and relaxation!

Our Vitality Centre is open to all medical insurance companies - We can settle prescriptions from your GP with your medical insurance company.


Manual Therapy
The manual therapy is a special form of physiotherapy and helps to increase the power of movement of the joints of the spinal column, arms and legs.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 29,-
Physiotherapy / individual treatment
Improving mobility, building up and stretching muscles are in the foreground of the therapy
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 27,-
Hydrogymnastics / individual therapy
This joint-friendly therapy in water has as its goal to strengthen the locomotor system and promote muscle development.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 26,-
In this form of therapy any spinal malpositions and pelvic obliquities are corrected by gently setting the vertebrae.
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 36,-
Trigger point-Therapy
Trigger point therapy is a special massage technique to relax the tissues of the muscles and to re-establish tissue mobility.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 26,-
Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking gently trains almost all of the muscle groups in the body.
Individual therapyDuration: ca. 60 min. € 60,-
Two peopleDuration: ca. 60 min. € 75,-


Natural fango stimulates the circulation. The musculature relaxes and connective tissue is slackened.

Jumbo natural fango pack
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 33,-
Small natural fango pack (one part of the body)
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 24,-
 Duration: ca. 15 min. € 19,-


Dynamic backbone massage on cushion
Parts of the spinal column, which are blocked and overburdened, are mobilised in a new and completely gentle way.
 Duration: ca. 50 min. € 65,-
Full-body massage
Full-body massage
The body as a whole is massaged using a classical massage technique, which leads to deep relaxation.
 Duration: ca. 40 min. € 39,-
Back massage
The goal of the back massage is to alleviate tension and pain in the back and neck area.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 21,-
Massage of connective tissue
This massage serves to relax tensions and improve the circulation.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 21,-
Massage specifically for joints
This massage is mainly used to improve the mobility of the joints.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 21,-
Reflexology massage
The soles of our feet mirror the organs in our body. As a result of holistic massage and deliberate manu-pressure, the functions of the body system are stimulated and strengthened.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 21,-
 Duration: ca. 40 min. € 39,-
Regeneration massage
Through a regeneration massage, the skin and musculature are supplied with blood and body slags are flushed out. This helps to relax any tension in the muscles.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 21,-
The goal of this special backbone massage is to relax the musculature and take the load off of the disks by gently massaging in amber oil.
incl. post-resting period (approx. 10 min.) € 39,-
Lymph drainage

(by doctor’s prescription)

A lymph drainage is a special therapy used to reduce tissue swelling. It is used primarily for malfunctions of the lymphatic circulation and inflammations. On the head this works primarily against migraine or tinnitus.

 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 36,-
 Duration: ca. 45 min. € 49,-
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 66,-

Hydro treatments

Cleopatra bath
Relax like Cleopatra once did in a nourishing bath with caring oils, cream and ethereal scents. Especially suited to dry skin.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 27,-


Hot air
 Duration: ca. 10 min. € 9,-
  € 9,-
Ice treatment
  € 12,-
School for the Back
We teach you exercises to reduce and prevent back pain.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 22,-

(by doctor’s prescription)

The use of electrical energy stimulates the blood flow and the metabolism.

 Duration: ca. 10 min. € 13,-


Using a gentle technique this therapy helps to re-establish the unit between the head and the sacral bone. It is for deep relaxation and relies entirely on self-healing powers.
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 36,-
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 66,-


Ayurveda foot massage
This soothing foot and leg massage has a positive effect on the body as a whole as a result of correspondingly treating the zones of the feet. It stimulates the circulation of the subtle flow of energy and leads to deep relaxation.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 26,-
Ayurveda head and face massage
Apart from its rejuvenating and beautifying effect, this massage has a great influence on one’s inner life. It alleviates worries, stress and fears. The head massage strengthens the ability to concentrate, as well as the nerves and sensory organs.
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 38,-
Ayurveda full-body massage
This is used to harmonise the body energies and flush out tissue slags. The full-body massage is a synergy of the hands, oil and body; the harmony they produce leads to a full-body treatment which reduces stress and has a balancing effect.
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 68,-

Suction caps are used for capping to create an underpressure on certain parts of the skin. The blood flow is increased in the region treated, the metabolism is stimulated and toxic substances are flushed out. The organism is stimulated which dissolves tension and blockages.

The cupping caps are attached securely.

Particularly well suited to tension, blockages, stress, stomach/intestine problems and problems with the airways.

 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 26,-
Cupping massage

Cupping caps are drawn across the skin

This tightens up connective tissue, stimulates the metabolism, purges and dissolves myosynizesis, muscular tenseness and blockages

 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 22,-
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